Ayurveda massage

Ayurveda massage is like ”mother take care”. It creates health and beauty. Real Ayurveda massage gives deep effects in body. Different oils and herbs are used for different purposes. Mustard oil i used for pain and cough. Oil can be mixed with garlic to give more powerful effect. Advantages with massage. It gives smooth skin. All pores will be opened and toxins come out. Blood circulation is activated. Your body comes in balance and you will get energy, peace, happiness and also nice firm skin and longer life.

Trigger points are used to give good circulation and oxygen to cells, energy points will open and blockages disappears. All organs get stimulation and energy kicks.


Through ayurveda massage you can cure many types of diseases, e.g. diabetes, hypertension, astma, migrain, cataract, eye deseases, joint pain, lumbar pain, heart problem, lung problem, eczema, psoriasis, rheumatic diseases, thyroid, breathing problem, tooth problem, tinnitus, memory problem, sleeping problem, allergy problem, digestion problem. Vayupersons need mahanarayni oil and castrol oil and ghi.

If you are a pitta person than you need cocanut oil, ghee, brhami mahanarayni oil and triphala. Kapha persons need olive oil, mustard oil and dhasmula oil. Ayurveda therapy takes out your hiding sadness. Sometimes persons can be crying and sometimes can be laughing, somtimes can be angry, sometimes can be happy. These are all symptoms of treatment. Then you get as reslut quality of life. As young you don’t feel your problems and don’t know about dem, but when you are getting older all problems arise. You should use your intellectual mind and live auyrvedic healty life.