Healthy food

Ayurveda helps your inside and outside. You will get balance in mind and body. And also balance of food. Through knowledge the body gets all necessary minerals, vitamins etc. that is nutrition.

Healty food

3 colours of necessary food




Tomato Milk Spinach
Carrot Ghee Broccoli
Papaya Rice Beans
Paprika Egg Chili
Mango Yoghurt Coriander
Orange Sugar Peas
Red lenses Bananas Cucumber
Red berries Lemon Parsley
Onion Flour Onion leaves
Chili coconut Garlic leaves
Cachewnut Cabbage
Cauliflower Salad
Onion garlic


Morning light food
Fruit is especially healthy in the morning, also warm milk
Lunchtime you can eat heavy food: bread, rice, spaghetti, potatoes, lenses, vegetables, yoghurt, meat, fish 12.00-14:00
Tea, coffee, juice, snacks 16:00-17:00
Light food: fruit, porridge, milk

Oil is heavy food and should be reduced. Red meat contains trans fats and should be reduced. Water and food should not be used together because it destroys digestion. Wait 30 min after food and use lukewarm water.

Food should not be hot or cold.

1 kg fruit every day is good for health.

1 kg fruit every day is good for health.

Everybody needs 6-8 hours sleep.

For best sleep.

In the morning when you wake up, drink a glass of lukewarm water. Squirt cold fresh water into face and eyes.Take a walk if it is possible without shoes in the grass or the sandy beach. Take shower, yoga.If it is possible you do meditation early in the morning or when you have time.When you live according to Ayurveda you do not need any extra nourishment.If the routines are imbalanced you get illness. The stomach needs rest as well as our muscles. To be in good function you should not eat between the meals. Ayurveda recommends Vata food in the morning, Pita food at lunchtime i.e. heavy food when the body is warm.Kapha food in the evening.

Unbalanced food affects the liver badly. A balanced food doesn’t give hunger feelings. Your should chew 32 times for each tooth to mash the food so the abdomen intestines do not need to work hard. Chewing well affects the digestion and the teeth in a positive way


Ayurvedic soup

Coconut milk, tomato sauce, pieces of tomatoes, raisins, cashew nuts, mango – green or powder, carrots, potatoes, pepper, red onion, garlic, black pepper, red pepper, ginger, corriander, black salt, turmeric, basilic, cummin, cumin powder and chili.

A great medicine for all kine of skin problems palahs is used. It purifies blood and cleans the body in a natural process.