Rajayoga meditation is ”sciense of mind” for connection of soul and Supreme soul. Yoga asanas are for the physical body. There are three kinds of souls according to Hinduism: God, man and animal. Meditation is the key to our mind and shows the road how to live our lives. The advantages with meditaton are many. We get happiness,inner peace, prosperity and purity. The highest energy or God in union with the body gives total sensation of peace the whole body and mind. Never forget to be greatful for all gifts we all humans get. All we ned we get from nature.

Meditation - bird

Through meditation you can cure your internal disease, like stress, unbalance, tension, anger, hatred, jealousy and attachment , and cravings. Through mediation you get relief for these bad traits, and you get good result such as love, compassion, non violence, peace, prosperity and purity.

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