Vata, Pitta, Kapha

Three symptoms of body make balance and imbalance: Vata (wind), Pitta (fire) and Kapha (water). There are 80 types of Vata, 40 types of Pitta and 20 types of Kapha symptoms, with associated problems.

Doshas Pulse rate

Vata 80-100

Pitta 70-80

Kapha 60-70


Pulse positions in organs

You will examine 12 different body organs with light respective deep position of your 3 fingers at 3 wrist positions.


Vata, Pitta, Kapha exist in all body in every cell, but have their place of origin in the colon (Vata) small intestine (Pitta) and stomach (Kapha)


Dosha salient feature

Vata personality: Kind, peaceful, more fearful, easily upset, distracted, insecure, hesitant, doubtful, maybe expecting too much without reality. May imaging things are worse than they really are. Thinks a lot. Creative, intellectual. Plans a lot, but often cannot fulfill their projects.

Eyes are ofter kind, small and unstable.

Less digestion power. Don’t feel hunger. When Vayu (wind) is balanced there is harmony in body and mind.

Vaju imbalance (Vataimbalance)

Body is tense, tender, feels pain, weak, comes hard, trembles in different places where vaju stays. Sometimes loss of sensitivity. Often cold hands and feet. Difficult to accept cold and hot. Constipation, stomach ache. Easily breaks the nails ,are delicate. Tooth problem. Bitter taste in mouth. Sometimes difficult to feel tastes. Easily gets wrinkles in the face.



Where is Vaju?

It is in the stomach around the navel where digestion takes place and in lungs and head.

From where comes Vaju (Vata) problem?

When your feelings are pressed down and you hide them. If you are hungry but can’t eat. If you are sad, tense. Even too much sex, fear, no food, fast too much give Vaju problem. Old food, cold food, not listening to signals from the body, keeping the urine, sitting for a long time also give Vaju problem.

Treatment for Vata

A) Ayurveda panchakarma, 5 types of treatment:

Neti: therapy through nose

Anema: Inestinal cleaning

Shirodara: Head therapy with oils or milk

Basti: Herb oil massage

Kunjal: Therapy through womiting

B) Foot bath and steam therapy

C) Food treatment

Vaju (Vata) high

Sweet and sour is needed. Also specific intestinal cleaning.

Drink extra water

Pitta person


Kind., easily gets friends, charming. enjoy authority and hiearchy, may have a critical, aggressive or quarrelsome nature, and are reative. Do projects fast, do not wait. What they think, they must do. Very intellectual. Often spiritual interrests. Hard to accept too much hot or coldness.

Pitta characteristics

Face: heating

Stomach: often loose motion

skin problem: bruses, rashes, naevi.

Often hungry, thirsty,

Skin often loose.

Early white hair and drop of hair.

Strong memory. Itching problem

Eyes: Attractive, sharp and piercing, often reddish.
Pitta disease can be produced by strong, fried, fat oily food, alcohol, lack of sleep.
Kapha personality

Reserved, often shy. Very calm and peaceful. Mature. Strong intellectual capacity, thinks, observes before answering. Accepts a lot. Very sensitive, easily irritated and aggressive. Moves slowly. Talks slowly not hungry or thirsty, likes to sit still and to have comfortable life. Plans all they have to do. Body feels heavy and cold. Shining and soft skin. Often overweight, loves sweets. Feet are soft and walks silent.

Does not forgive things easily. Often brings up the past.

Lot of sexual energy. Firtile. Often many children. Keeps and takes care of friends.

Eyes: often big eyes

Kapha disease

If disease, very often serious. (Mostly diseases are Vata diseases). Lasy, sleep a lot. Less taste. The body demands, if kapha, things that often make the body worse. Often cough, mucous cough, itchy skin, asthma, allergy, head feels heavy. Often sad. Cry inside, Wants to be alone.

Why comes Kapha problem?

They love sweet and sour, for example yoghurt. Yoghurt can provoke cough, cold, irregular sleep and irregular meals. If Kapha disease avoid food, that grows in earth, for exemple oreAdal (black lenses) potatoes, carrots, peanuts. Also avoid cold products like locky, sesam oil, coconut oil, water melon. Yoghurt.

Kapha treatment

Steam bath, foot bath, cough treatment.

Kapha high

Provocation for vomiting
Kapha treatment

Old honey. Steam massage. No alcohol. No tobacco. Ayurvedic cleansing of the airways and lungs. Dust free room. Lots of sun. Swimming in warm water. Warm clothes. Warm food. Breathing yoga (Pranayam).